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Reverse Osmosis System

Professional Reverse Osmosis Systems manufacturer in India, Aqua Filsep is specialized in water treatment products which include reverse osmosis system, commercial & industrial reverse osmosis system, water purifier, water softener Brackish RO Systems, Sea Water, Double Pass RO Systems and more.
“AFI-RO” Reverse Osmosis Systems manufacturer in India for water and waste water treatment removes dissolved matter, both ionic and non ionic in one step.

Brand “AFI-RO” Reverse Osmosis systems from Aqua Filsep Inc. Provide the right combination of value and features required for any desalination application. Every “AFI-RO” system is manufactured from the highest quality components. “AFI-RO” Reverse Osmosis Plants are ideal for a wide variety of industrial water purification application.

Aqua Filsep Inc. is the reverse osmosis system manufacturer having range from 2000LPH to 200 m3 per hour industrial reverse osmosis system.

Brackish Water RO System

“AFI-RO-BW” Brakish water Reverse Osmosis Systems are specially designed for feed waters with elevated levels of TDS. Each “AFI-RO-BW” systems are designed to provide potable product water from feed water with TDS of up to 10,000 PPM. Standard “AFI-RO-BW” Brackish Water RO models are available for any brackish water industrial application from 50 liter per hour to 50m3/hr.

Sea Water RO Systems

Sea Water RO Systems

“AFI-RO-SW” brand Sea water Reverse Osmosis Systems are designed to produce potable permeate water and roughing demineralization for industrial application from sea water of up to 45,000 PPM of TDS. “AFI-RO-SW” Sea water RO systems are also supplied with energy recovery systems, the cost effective solution in operation cost. Standard “AFI-Ro-SW” RO models are available for any commercial application from 6m3/day to 600m3/day capacity.

Double Pass RO Systems

Double Pass RO Systems
“AFI-RO-Ultra pure” brand Double pass Reverse Osmosis systems are designed to provide 99.99% TDS rejection to yield permeate water suitable for most electronics, semi conductor, and pharmaceutical applications. “AFI-RO-Ultrapure” Double – Pass R.O systems are especially suited to be used as pretreatment for the “AFI-EDI” brand Electro-Deionization Systems or traditional “AFI-DM” lon Exchange demineralization equipment when pure 18 mega-ohm product water is required.

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