Why only”AFI” water treatment systems

High quality components for systems reliability:

All components of our “AFI” brand water treatment systems are sourced from world class manufacturers and industry leaders in their respective fields. This combined with our state – of – the – art – know-how and profound experience in water treatment. guaranteeing a very high standard of quality and reliability.

Sound design:
design all its system to achieve an optimum price/ performance ratio. This applies not only to the investment in the system, but also to its use, carefully thought our design , ensures that operating costs are kept to a minimum. The design process, which is supported by CAD program, results in compact systems, in which both installation amd maintenance are kept simple. All components are easily accessible for inspection and maintenance.

Precision engineering for performance:
“AFI” brand water treatment systems are carefully engineered for high efficiency. we don’t take short cuts. we take into account vital factors such as fluctuations in the water quality, maximizing water recovery and product water quality at the end of every services cycle.

Simple to operate amd maintain :
“AFI” brand standard water treatment systems come assembled, factory tested and in ready-to-operate condition. They are designed for efficiency and are simple to operate and maintain.

Unmatched after – sales service :
Problem after operation
Aqua Filsep water Treatment Pvt. Ltd. places very great importance on after sales services. we have a sound services department, which, is supported by a team of engineers, to ensure that your systems operate at optimum performance. periodic logbook data analysis enables, to carry out remote checking of the performance of each installation and where necessary, to provide well founded advice.

offers service contracts, freeing clients of the responsibilities of periodic maintenance.

In addition to service it goes without saying that also provide both supervision in the commissioning of installations and in the training of operating personal. From the design right through to after-sales services, takes care of your quality water supply for every drop.




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