About Us

Aqua Filsep Inc. is a leading Water Treatment Plant Company in India offering a complete range of services, including Reverse Osmosis System, Demineralization (DM Plant), Water Softener System, Water Filtration System, Sewage Water Treatment, and Effluent Water Treatment Plant. Aqua Filsep Inc. has been in the water treatment business for more than 20 years, showcasing our expertise and building a solid business. Our brand is linked with advanced technology and innovation.

Aqua Filsep Inc. was founded by water treatment professionals. And we have been in the water treatment business in India for over a decade. We are also into Reverse Osmosis System (RO Systems), Demineralization, Industrial Water Purification, Water Filtration Systems, Electro-Deionization System, Water Softener, and Boiler Water Treatment Services in India.

Aqua incorporates state-of-the-art components and technology into every system to assure high quality, efficiency, and reliability. Aqua has set industry standards for comprehensive water treatment solutions through technological innovation. Further, purified water guarantees that houses and communities have clean drinking water. Water treatment is done to meet quality standards in any process industry. Removal of contaminants from Industrial waste water treatment. Water and precious items are recycled and recovered for usage. Similarly, "Recycle & Reuse" concepts are applied to create products containing fewer chemicals, resulting in less waste and pollution.

The challenge that we at Aqua are tackling is to optimize the use of water, treat this valuable resource with great care, and return it to nature in a pristine state.

Our Mission

Aqua Filsep Inc.'s mission is to manufacture and market High-Quality Water and Waste Water Treatment Equipments, as well as water treatment Chemicals, following strict manufacturing standards while also providing the latest technology, prompt delivery, and competitive pricing to provide maximum value to our customers.

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