ElectroDeionization Systems

ElectroDeionization Systems

For AFI pure projects, "AFI-EDI" brand Electro-Deionization (EDI) systems offer an attractive alternative to mixed-bed or twin-bed ion exchange systems. The "AFI-EDI" system, when used in association with our " AFI-EDI " system as a pretreatment, the "AFI-RO ultrapure double pass RO system provides 16-18 mega-ohm permeate water without the need for regeneration chemicals. Additionally, Electronics, Semiconductor, and Pharmaceutical industries demand high-purity water benefits from "AFI-EDI" systems.

How “AFI-EDI Works”

"AFI-EDI" uses conventional ion exchange resins to remove ions from process water, but with a major distinction. An electrical current is utilized in "AFI-EDI" to drive contaminants out of the feed water and into the concentrate/reject stream. In addition, the current splits water molecules into hydrogen and hydroxy ions, renewing the resin in the process.

Specialized Membrane systems

Specialised Membrane systems

Aqua Filsep Water Treatment Pvt.Ltd. extends its experience beyond Reverse Osmosis Systems to provide similar membrane filterization system for separation and concentration of valuable elements from water and process stream, for reduction of BOD, COD and TDS from pollutants prior to discharge and removal of colloidal material from water and waste water using Nanofiltration (NF), Ultrafiltration (UF) and Micro Filtration (MF) membrane elements. NF, UF and MF systems are available from Aqua Filsep water Treatment Pvt.Ltd. with “Spiral Wound”, “Hollow-Fiber” or “Tubular” membranes.
If your next project calls for specialized pre-treatment, waste water treatment, polishing, or other speciality membrane applications call to provide sollution. If you need specific pre-treatment, waste water treatment, polishing, or other specialty membrane applications for your next project, contact us.


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