Water Treatment Chemicals

Industrial water treatment

The utility of Industrial water treatment includes boiler water treatment and cooling water treatment. By improving heat transmission, reducing blowdown, and reducing corrosion in condensate lines, boiler efficiency can result in major operating savings.

Products help to decrease downtime and extend the life of production and equipment. Treatments for boiler feed water include pH boosters, oxygen scavenging, and sludge dispersal, among others.

Boiler Fuel Treatment

These chemicals enhance heat transfer and fuel economy. It improves combustion, reduces soot formation, and cleans deposits on the fireside.

Cooling Water Treatment Chemicals

Cooling Water Treatment Chemicals

Aqua Filsep water treatment chemicals offer a variety of corrosion inhibitors, dispersants, and biocides that are tailored to your system's demands. Our synergistic blends deliver optimum efficiency in reduced corrosion rates, reduced scale inhibition, and overall biological control. Careful selection of these compounds enables operation at more significant concentration cycles, lowering chemical costs and increasing water conservation. Special additives for chilling plants and other close circuit waters and support function chemicals for a start up and passivation are also available.

Our Capabilities
  • Scale, corrosion, and fouling must be minimized throughout the whole water and stream production system, including the boiler fireside.
  • Due to microbial growth, it prevents corrosion, scale, and fouling in the cooling water system.
  • Reduce the number of cleaning, maintenance, and unplanned shutdowns.
  • Reduce your use of water, chemicals, and energy.
  • Plant safety is important
  • Follow the manufacturer's recommendations
  • Make use of eco-friendly items
  • Supply of chemicals for water treatment
  • water treatment chemical systems such as dosing systems and on-site chlorine dioxide gas synthesis, are available.


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