Water Filtration Systems

Water Filtration Systems
  • Aqua Filsep Inc. filters are conventional pre-treatment systems in the water treatment process, straining the water through different media to remove a substantial percentage of colloidal particles.
  • Provides a comprehensive line of high-quality filter systems that reduce maintenance and improve water treatment systems performance.
  • Pressure filters use tailored filter beds to remove particular impurities from process water.
  • The Multi Media Filter (MMF) removes high suspended solids by layering various media.
  • Both conventional and custom-designed pressure filter systems are manufactured depending on the quality of water intake and downstream equipment.
  • Activated carbon filters (ACF) removes free chlorine and other oxidants from downstream equipment that might harm resin and membranes.
  • Green sand filters take out iron and manganese from the water supply. Filtration systems range in size from 1 m3 to 70 m3/hr..
  • Depending on the procedure, the "ESP" and "GLH" series filters are composed of mild steel and fiberglass reinforced plastic pressure vessels
Water Filtration Process
  • This is a physical procedure for removing suspended particles, color, and odour. Water filtration plants using pressure sand remove suspended particles
  • Filtering devices, such as DM Softeners or RO household water filtration systems, are usually used before any further treatment. Ultra Filtration membranes are used, as well as a dual media filter.

Water Filtration Process


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